Thursday, May 16, 2013

Allison Thompson Chapter 1 quiz

  1. What do we mean by dark matter and dark energy?
Dark matter is an undetected form of mass and dark energy is unknown form of energy
  1. What is the evidence for dark matter in galaxies?
The stars and gas clouds in galaxies do not change much in distance.
  1. What is the evidence for dark matter in clusters of galaxies?
By the measurements of dark matter in clusters, the temperatures, and gravitational lensing. 
  1. Does dark matter really exist?
We infer that it does because of the gravitational influence.

What might dark matter be made of?
 ordinary of baryonic matter
  1. What is the role of dark matter in galaxy formation?
Caused protogalatic clouds to contract in earlier times

What are the largest structures in the universe?
Superclusters and voids
  1. Will the universe continue expanding forever?
depends on how much dark matter there is 

Is the expansion of the universe accelerating?
 Yes, we can tell by the brightness of a white dwarf supernova
  1. Who discovered this acceleration?

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