Friday, May 29, 2009

From Blogger to Twitter

If you are a regular reader, you may be thinking I stopped posting digg submissions altogether. All I did was sending them to Twitter. You can see on the side of this page my Twitter submissions also.

Here you will find now my real contributions, and not just a news concentrator.

Actually my son complained about the apparent appropriation of material that wasn't mine.

OK digg, and google software solved my problem. I hope you keep coming to this blog.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Milky Way From Earth

I did not have trouble imagining the Sun. It shows up in the morning and is gone at night. It is little and we can see it in a small patch in the sky. We move around it.

Only now I have to talk about galaxies. I was mystified some times when I pondered: Why do we see it if we are inside? I have my answer.

I saw a nice picture online of the Milky Way actually going up in the sky and coming down. The idea finally popped-out in my head.

There is one side, away from the center where we can actually see outside of our Galaxy, and one where we stare at the big black hole in the center.

Thus, sometimes we must see a patch of light coming out, and going down. Measuring the angular extent of this light we can estimate the size of the Milky Way.

Now I get it.

Mormons in Huitzuco

Yesterday I was in my mother's hometown. I walked around town and saw Mormon recruiters. They offer salvation just by changing allegiance. Poor people are eager to be offered relief for their suffering. That town is fertile ground for religious conversions.

The message, though is plain to be seen, in Mexico some citizens are disposable. If you are from Indian stock, to the white people that control this land (myself included), you don't seem to be worth that much.

I know for a fact that all children of Huitzuco could be great scholars, businessmen, sportsmen, artists, you name it.

What should we do?

First look at our children with new eyes. All human children have potential, and it is the responsibility of grownups to give them an opportunity.

Whoever does it best, will get the kids.

The race is on.

Proud of My Niece

Yesterday we had a conmemoration for my late uncle General Rubén Uriza Castro ninety year old birthday. After one student from the General Rubén Uriza Castro Middle School in Huitzuco read his biography. We were all very proud of my mother's brother. My sister and I were there with our mother, the only surviving Uriza Castro of her family.

Also the surviving family of my uncle was there, with some of their own children. Nuria (below) is the fourteen year old daughter of Raúl Uriza Cerda, who used to be my kid cousin. Now he is a grown up dentist.

The organizer was my nephew Architect Ignacio Cárdenas Uriza.

We were in the Sport Complex General Rubén Uriza Castro in Huitzuco, Guerrero, his hometown.

This was the first such celebration of my uncle's birthday, sponsored by Mayor Isidro Miranda Madrid.

Uncle Rubén won the Gold Medal for Team Jumping in the XIV Olympic Games in London. This event ended August 14, 1948.

Nuria Uriza

Monday, May 25, 2009

Wolfram Alpha in the Classroom

Indefinite integral:Show steps

 integral 1/sqrt(1-x^2) dx = sin^(-1)(x)+constant
RawBoxes[RowBox[{SuperscriptBox[sin, RowBox[{-, 1}]], (, x, )}]] is the inverse sine function »

Plots of the integral:

Series expansion at x=-1:More terms

-pi/2+sqrt(2) sqrt(x+1)+(x+1)^(3/2)/(6 sqrt(2))+(3 (x+1)^(5/2))/(80 sqrt(2))+(5 (x+1)^(7/2))/(448 sqrt(2))+(35 (x+1)^(9/2))/(9216 sqrt(2))+(63 (x+1)^(11/2))/(45056 sqrt(2))+O((x+1)^(13/2))+constant

Series expansion at x=0:More terms

x+x^3/6+(3 x^5)/40+O(x^7)+constant

Series expansion at x=1:More terms

1/2 (pi+(-1)^((left floor)-(arg(x-1))/(2 pi)(right floor)) (-2 i sqrt(2) sqrt(x-1)+(i (x-1)^(3/2))/(3 sqrt(2))-(3 i (x-1)^(5/2))/(40 sqrt(2))+(5 i (x-1)^(7/2))/(224 sqrt(2))-(35 i (x-1)^(9/2))/(4608 sqrt(2))+(63 i (x-1)^(11/2))/(22528 sqrt(2))+O((x-1)^(13/2))))+constant
RawBoxes[RowBox[{arg, RowBox[{(, z, )}]}]] is the complex argument »
RawBoxes[TemplateBox[{x}, Floor]] is the floor function »

Series expansion at x=∞:More terms

1/2 (2 i log(1/x)+pi-i log(4))+i/(4 x^2)+(3 i)/(32 x^4)+(5 i)/(96 x^6)+O((1/x)^7)+constant
RawBoxes[RowBox[{log, RowBox[{(, x, )}]}]] is the natural logarithm »

Scale of North Korean Nuclear Test in Question

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea announced on Monday that it had successfully conducted its second nuclear test, in defiance of international warnings.

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Stalemate in Afghanistan??

The inability of the Marines to dominate the area is an extreme example of how limited troop numbers, especially in the country’s strategically vital south, have hampered the U.S. ability to eradicate the Taliban threat. The U.S. and NATO-led coalition has easily defeated the Taliban in battle, but struggled to prevent insurgents returning

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

An Even Better Hubble

The Hubble Space Telescope, already hugely successful, should have even greater powers thanks to new instruments installed and repairs made by astronauts on a servicing mission that ended Sunday.

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Moblin from Intel

"“We really view this as an opportunity and a game changer,” said Ronald W. Hovsepian, the chief executive of Novell, which plans to offer a customized version on Moblin to computer makers. Novell views Moblin as a way to extend its business selling software and services related to Linux."

Netbooks are going to change the computer business. At least in Mexico where we don't have that much money.

Wolfram Alpha on Moblin Intel

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