Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The World of Today

There are two main wars going on in The World of Today.

I am more familiar with one than the other, because I was born in Mexico. I call them The War in Mesoamerica, and The War in Mesopotamia. Both regions are the origin of two independent cultures, which I call The Corn Culture, and The Wheat Culture.

The NYT columnist Thomas Friedman has written two relevant pieces this week. He points to the fact that a group of Hamas  jihadists has enough information to build a drone. This group already killed an Israeli citizen in this week's episode of The War in Mesopotamia. These wars have a common origin: Mexicans and Palestinians lost their lands. The Mesoamericans 500 years ago, and the Palestinians more recently.

I leave The War in Mesopotamia to more knowledgeable analysts: three who come to mind are: Juan Cole, Robert Fisk, and Thomas Friedman; there are Wikipedia entries on all three. 

In The World of Today we have The War in Mesoamerica.

Christopher Columbus found what he named La Española in 1492. By 1521 Hernán Cortés burned Cuauhtémoc's feet, and after thus torturing him, found out the origin of the Aztec's gold in Ixcateopan. Cortés put the Indians to build La Hacienda del Chorrillo in nearby Taxco, and since then one of the ten families which owns around 80% of Mexican's wealth, comes directly from him. In The World of Today, nearby Cocula, is starting operations, as one of the biggest producers of gold in Mexico.

There is a new Mesomaerica Project, by which, other natural resources, which can be obtained with modern technology, are the source of ancestral greed, to establish mercenary armies to protect such wealth.

The children you see in the news, coming from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, are the smoke screen, used by these modern day pirates. To my mind not much different to the children killed in Gaza, in the other war, The War in Mesopotamia.

It seems to me that The World of Today, is not that different from The World of Yesterday.

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