Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Simple Tasks

Primates are known for using tools. Even other animals have been observed using them to feed themselves. Recently stone tools were discovered, which precede Homo sapiens. This makes me think that computing programming is "wired", in our brains.

I remember seeing my son doing stop motion animation for hours, to produce a very short movie. Later on, he went on to taking a Java course in high school. I think that he didn't see the connection, he was just playing, but I knew better. We  home schooled our children.  It was sobering, to say the least, to see them becoming full adults, starting from sucking babies.

I explain here, why simple tasks lead to code abilities, that all children of the world have. I have taught, both in Mexico, and in the US. Students in both countries do well in following, step by step instructions. What nowadays is called, algorithmic constructions. 

Recent advances in neuroscience allow for the following understanding of consciousness. You can read Stanislas Dehaene's book: Consciousness and the Brain.

Every second a choice is made, of the components of frames of consciousness, like a moving picture. What happens in a millisecond is not recorded, but the summary of all perceptions, are presented in one frame; every second we construct reality.

It seems to me, that we have an algorithmic process producing consciousness.

Physics is the study of simple, repeatable dynamical processes. The first important scientific success of the Modern Era, was Galileo's inclined plane experiments, leading him to discover the Law of Inertia.

You do not need to go to India to find good programmers, they are all over the world. Each country should use the ones already established inside its borders.

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