Monday, March 21, 2016

Cuba Heads for Miami - The New York Times

Cuba Heads for Miami - The New York Times:

 "HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam — So Havana is 20 years behind Ho Chi Minh City on the development cycle that brings you bulldozed historical districts; traffic-clogged streets; a skyline of cranes; fancy golf courses for expats and the local elite; lattes galore; burger joints; smart phones everywhere; a middle class with disposable income; the seductions of credit; fragrant shopping malls; brand heaven (or hell); the end of virgin beaches; massive real estate developments with names like “Central Park;” offshore fortunes for the political architects of capitalist communism; resorts with their manicured lawns; casinos; mass tourism; social media; 6 percent annual growth; Mom-and-Pop entrepreneurship; suburbia and sprinklers; private schools for kids with Ivy League colleges already in their sights; Asian and Latin American versions of the “American Dream;” and a population fired up and sort of freed by the opportunity to make a buck for the first time in generations."

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