Saturday, April 02, 2016

Does Nature Just "Naturally" Produce Life? - Evolution News & Views

Does Nature Just "Naturally" Produce Life? - Evolution News & Views:

"How can Morowitz and other law proponents just dispense with Darwin at a time when doubting him has cost many scientists their jobs? It's because law proponents make clear that their alternative is as strictly naturalistic as the chance one. Because they are not arguing that humans were designed for a purpose, they can even argue, without generating career-limiting controversy, that intelligent life -- as opposed to life generally -- probably evolved only once, on this planet: "It required a kind of industrial revolution in terms of energy production," says one. Splitting the difference between law and chance, origin-of-life researcher Nick Lane thinks that life of some kind would probably emerge on any wet, rocky planet, but that "complex" life forms are a matter of chance."

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