Sunday, February 26, 2017


Since around 1970, I have been thinking about the Nature of Information. During all these years I studied Physics, Information Theory, and General Relativity.  There is an important result, by the late Mexican-Israeli physicist, Jacob Bekenstein. The surface area of a black hole measures the Information Content of this physical object. To my mind, this is the first example of a the existence of Information Out-There. Before this result, all the Information in Physics I was aware of, was in Statistical Mechanics. In that case though, Entropy or Information, is a way to describe reality, it is made up human mathematics, it is not Out-There.

As a matter of perception, one could argue that even Bekenstein's Information is just a human construct, a way to approximate what really exists.

In any case, I feel our time is the right one to understand the Nature of Information, since it is there in our daily life, from lost files, to WikiLeaks.

Now the Trump administration is making the work of collecting Information more difficult.

I do not like this man.

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