Friday, August 01, 2014

Fairy Tale

When my kids were young they made me think hard. I remember one time I was about to conk out, and my daughter demanded another story! I pulled myself together, and I produced one, which I could even reuse, when the boy showed up ten years later.

After telling you this tale, I'll give you another one, fresh from the oven.

There is a curious boy, who heard of a place in the forest, where nobody entering leaves. He decides to experiment, he sends a chicken, a dog, and so on. Yes they do not return. Finally he summons enough courage and goes in.

Once inside, he finds an enchanted forest, where everybody is having such a great time, that nobody wants to leave!

The End.

Now the new one.

In the beginning there was nothing, then, nobody knows how, something appeared. First it was easy to get things done, there were so few constraints. As time passed, space increased, and it was getting harder and harder to get anything done. At a critical point small universes appeared, where things were manageable, making separate worlds.

Ito, Kim, Koizuka, Nishimura, and Tsuchiya, just published their toy universe, which needed a supercomputer to tell the tale.

Among other things, they found out why  we live in a space of width, depth, and height!

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