Friday, August 01, 2014

Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays

There is an energy distribution of cosmic rays, a lot of them have low energy and come from nearby, a few have the highest energies, and come from far away. There are strong evidences of high space concentration of these particles. They come from a   region in the Northern Hemisphere, close to the North Star.

This is intriguing.

One conclusion I draw, is that there are natural accelerators in the Universe.

Humans are less creative than we assume sometimes.  In Africa there are natural nuclear reactors, and animal eyes appeared before iPhone cameras.

Matter seems to abhor vacuum, and also it seems to be cozy. Bunched up beams of particles all over the place.


Feynman proposed that particles could be studied through their paths, instead of their clouds. Feynman diagrams are useful, the new Amplituhedron seems to vindicate the man from Far Rockaway!

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