Saturday, October 25, 2014

This (Climate Change) Changes Everything

Naomi Klein, did it again, she wrote a great book: This Changes Everything. It already won recognition, The Hilary Weston Writer's Trust Prize for Nonfiction.

We need clear thinking on this most present danger.

She questions the very tenets of capitalism, Francis Bacon  presented us a view of us against nature. We had to dominate her, as if she was a cow, or a corn field. Actually more like a Steam Engine. Something non-organic which was our enemy. That view is wrong; we come from nature, and we are part of her.

Pre-capitalist societies had to have a more integrated relation with the Mother, with Gaia. I recently read about an Indian in Puebla, Mexico, arguing with an industry representative, telling him that her fruit tree took eight years to grow, now that he had destroyed it, she might go hungry. The image that came to my mind, was like the tree shouting: Do not Cut ME!

Extractivist World View.

I am not about to agree with her. Bacon was influential to the reductionist world view, with which I entered a scientific career.

On the other hand, I'm willing to reconsider my views.

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