Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Today President Obama, will address Inequality, in my view the number one problem, facing humanity in the beginning of the Twentieth First Century. Before he starts, I want to explain why.

The Tea Party has different opinions.

It is an issue of human nature, if people are selfish, there is no way out of the current crisis, if we are more socially inclined, there may be a chance of going forward. 

Humans have been throwing carbon up, for at least ten thousand years, this has to stop. The Tea Party members do not understand what I mean by that, Physics Laws are not their forte. This overheated biosphere, has produced nine billion human beings, ready to reproduce, and reach higher numbers. I do not know if that is possible, but I see that, that is what most people, on Earth, are doing, having as many children as they can feed, at the expense of other forms of life.

The economic foundation of this effort, is capitalism, which works almost autonomously, like an economic engine. People with more money, get more, and take over more real state on the surface of the Earth. To me, the Earth looks more like an anthill, than like a City on a Hill, or other religious visions, the human race has created, for at least one hundred thousand years.

Obama only has two years to move his agenda, I expect the next president to be a Republican, with an important control of the Supreme Court, the Lower, and the Upper houses of Congress.

Humanity has been in difficult situations in the past, and our present existence as a civilized species, gives me hope, that we can find a way out, by helping our brothers, and sisters in need.

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