Thursday, January 29, 2015

That Other September 11th; Those Other 3,000

That Other September 11th; Those Other 3,000:

"* [new]  Frank Teruggi 1950-1973 (2+ / 0-)
I didn't know anyone who died at the WTC, but I did know someone who died as a result of the Pinochet coup. He was the "other American,"  one who was also executed, like the more well known Charles Horman (the main subject of the film Missing). Teruggi was a student of mine at UCSB and I wrote a letter in support of his application to go to grad school at the University of Santiago. He apparently was involved with a few other Americans supporting the Allende regime. In his case it was
apparently as a translator.
When the coup took place he was arrested and shot multiple times in the soccer stadium that was used to hold prisoners.

In the film he is played as a sort of NY wiseguy, but Frank was actually a mild mannered nerdy guy from a suburb of Chicago: Des Plaines. His arrest was no accident, and he never would have been killed if the American government did not look the other way, or, worse.

I agree that it's easiest to mourn for someone you knew, but it's not a zero sum game."

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