Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Relevant Education

First and foremost I am a scientist, now working full time in an online course. Pen and Tablet Project: Hands.

It is not enough to learn how to write and solve arithmetic problems. Those are the foundations for courses in Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, and now, I believe: Programming.

Unfortunately some teachers do not program computers. Young people have proven time and time again, that they can learn alone. I worked six months as a contractor at the CME Group. Many of my workmates learned Open Source Software in India, China, Russia, Mexico, you name it. We didn't have expert teachers in Linux, as  a matter of fact, I got the impression that the faculty did not believe that somebody could work for free.

We are autodidacts!

My project looks into  young people's learning strategies using their hands. They can trace letters, paint houses, and trees. I introduce them to Turtle Geometry by professor Hal Abelson.

From Motion to Notion.

Students know when the education they are offered is relevant.

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