Tuesday, January 03, 2017

End of the Proposition 13 Era

I didn't see this coming!
After months, if not years, of disillusionment, both in Mexico, and the US, all of a sudden puff, the nightmare is over.
Given that I am 67 years old, I can see that a few words of explanation to my young friends, are in order.
When I was a graduate student at the UCSB Physics Department (BTW one of the best five in the US today), I sadly saw how a mean spirited movement, started to destroy, that great experiment of socialist education in Santa Barbara.
Proposition 13 was the beginning, of a conservative attack on the American Nation building. Lower my property taxes!, every conservative in the state was shouting. Do not give my hard earned money to those hippies at the University of California. The ring leader of that mob was Ronald Reagan.
Of course it was not expressed in those crude terms, Reagan was smarter than that. But that was the end result, until a great political leader came along, California Governor Jerry Brown, recently led a movement to fund higher education in the state again. Yes By Increasing Property Taxes.
I have been wrong before, I am a Theoretical Physicist with a passion for politics, but I haven't taken a single Political Science class.
Be that as it may, what happened in the first session of Congress this 2017 appears to be Historic.
Here is my explanation.
A bunch of conservative amateurs, thought that they could stop the tsunami to 'Drain The Swamp', by changing the rules in secret.
It Did Not Work!
Even Trump had to use his Twitter account, to stop that stupid move.
The American People Woke Up!
They told those criminals to back off.
Now What?
Either I am wrong, and we are for the biggest takeover of the Government, by a small clique of plutocrats, or Bernie will lead a determined attack to stop these crooks.

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