Saturday, May 03, 2014


I was inspired by Tal Fortgang. He is a young Princeton Student. I took a look at the new book by Nicholas Wade: A Troublesome Inheritance, and here I go, against some reservations I feel.

My children are children of privilege, because mine and my wife's ancestors left us a weltanschauung. I do not apologize, and empathize with Tal.

Obviously I don't think exactly as this young man does, nor will he, once he finishes his course of study at Princeton.  Nevertheless his essay rings true to me.

Like him, I write here a few things about me and my family.

My father left Guatemala as a young man. Trouble with soldiers, and lack of opportunities informed his decision. He was born inside the Catholic Church, but left it. After a short stay as a bracero in the US, he went back to Mexico to marry my mother. An intelligent woman from Huitzuco, in the southern state of Guerrero in Mexico.

His plan was to bring all his children to the US, but that did not happen. Without a plan, I ended up in the US, where my children have thrived.

I feel privileged to be in a free country, and I am doing my best to take advantage.

I believe in the Rule of Law, and in a country, where everybody is given a fair shot.

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