Thursday, May 15, 2014

Quantum Bayesianism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Quantum Bayesianism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

 "Quantum Bayesianism most often refers to a "subjective Bayesian account of quantum probability",[1] that has evolved primarily from the work of Carlton M. Caves, Christopher Fuchs and Rüdiger Schack, and draws from the fields of quantum information and Bayesian probability. It may sometimes refer more generically to approaches to quantum theory that use a Bayesian or personalist (aka "subjective") probabilistic approach to the probabilities that appear in quantum theory. The approach associated with Caves, Fuchs, and Schack has been referred to as the radical Bayesian interpretation.[2] It attempts to provide an understanding of quantum mechanics and to derive modern quantum mechanics from informational considerations. The remainder of this article concerns primarily the Caves-Fuchs-Schack Bayesian approach to quantum theory."

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