Saturday, May 10, 2014

The World of Today

I'm reading The Road to Global Prosperity by Michael Mandelbaum. Likewise I read today's piece by Thomas Friedman in the NYT. These guys are good.

 Nervously I have lately being following events in México, where a civil war of sorts, is going on. What I see is a state of upheaval in The World of Today.

The Obama administration, finally acknowledged the obvious, and expensive deterioration of living conditions here in Illinois, where I live, and all over the US. Do not misread this. I do not mean, that I'm suffering tremendous cold, or heat; like most people in the suburbs, I am in an artificial environment most of the time. What I mean to say, is that the weather is eerie. As Friedman has called the state of the World of Today: Global Weirding.

To top it off, my friends, and relatives in México, have witnessed a series of extraordinary events recently. Around the town of Técpan de Galeana, there have been earthquakes up to today for almost a week. We had the First Tropical Depression this week near Acapulco. Both events have people there on their tiptoes.

I see similarities in these three regions of the World of Today. Bullies (Vladinir Putin, Xi Jinping, and Enrique Peña Nieto), hit weaker citizens to pursue the goals of a small minority of wealthy individuals around them. The environmental events call for governments to protect their citizens, instead they fight weaker people  to keep the oligarchs in control. Citizens are put in jail for peaceful opposition to environmental degradation, and in some cases they are illegally assassinated, this is possible given the state of illegality that reigns in some regions of The World of Today.

In this Mother's Day, I wish that we come to our senses, and work to solve the problems that threaten The World of Today.

Mother Earth Will Not Condone this State of Affairs in The World of Today.

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