Sunday, November 30, 2014


Professor Michael Eric Dyson reminds us that we construct what we see.

There is a blind spot in the eyes. It is a place where connecting nerves send the image to the brain. There are no sensing cells in that area, so literally we have a hole in our eyes. What gets sent then from there? We make up an image which makes sense, so we don't panic at our blindness.

Similarly, when something in the society around us, doesn't make sense, we make something up. So the junior policeman, who recently resigned from the Ferguson Police Department, Darrel Wilson, saw a huge devil attacking him, and he killed Michael Brown Jr. What is interesting, is that the jury, also saw a big menacing devil attacking this young white man.

Society has a blind spot, we don't see the humanity of African Americans.

For our social health, this has to change.

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