Thursday, November 06, 2014

What Does MS Free Mean?

Microsoft just announced a new business model for its very successful software suite.



This opens new business opportunities.

This company refused for some time, to read the writing on the wall. When Marc Andressen invented Mosaic many years ago, MS was clueless. They didn't see the point in simplifying the use of the Internet for their client base. They were even hostile to Marc, when they should've made him a part of the company right away. The whole thing ended up in court, with MS claiming that their inferior browser was essential for the working of their monopolistic operating system. Professor Cusumano wrote a book: Competing on Internet Time, describing that MS blunder.

Now Gates and Ballmer left, and a more astute leadership team is trying to play catch up, to the boys of Google: Brin & Page.

I saw the importance of the Internet, when I was a visiting scientist at Fermilab in 1994.

Now there are some business opportunities, when the principals finally get it.

Thin clients, and fat servers. That is the way to go.

The money is in the service, not in a bunch of CDs that kids do not even know exist. I can see the day when CDs will be on display as memorabilia, like the vinyl records showing up in stores nowadays!

Scratch your heads, all you entrepreneurs reading this. Time has come!

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