Saturday, December 20, 2014

Electron Mass by Mario Rabinowitz

Electron Acceleration Gains Electron Mass
Whether It Radiates or Not .
For an accelerated electron, electrodynamics yields two self-forces on the  electron, a radiation reaction force and a previously unappreciated retardation force. These forces are examined and compared.  The traditional radiation reaction force exists only when there is radiation that produces a time rate of change of acceleration.  A retardation force results whenever the electron’s self-field changes due to acceleration, and is present even if there is no radiation and the acceleration is constant.  It is found that the retardation force on the electron is >>> the radiation reaction force.  In a new way, this circumvents problems of pre-acceleration, and energy run-away solutions. It is predicted that because the retardation force manifests itself inertially,  makes the dynamic mass of any accelerated subatomic singly charged particle about 1/137 higher than its rest mass.    

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