Monday, March 09, 2015

[1407.7123] Parameter estimation with Sandage-Loeb test

[1407.7123] Parameter estimation with Sandage-Loeb test:

"The Sandage-Loeb (SL) test directly measures the expansion rate of the universe in the redshift range of 2≲z≲5 by detecting redshift drift in the spectra of Lyman-α forest of distant quasars. We discuss the impact of the future SL test data on parameter estimation for the ΛCDM, the wCDM, and the w0waCDM models. To avoid the potential inconsistency with other observational data, we take the best-fitting dark energy model constrained by the current observations as the fiducial model to produce 30 mock SL test data. The SL test data provide an important supplement to the other dark energy probes, since they are extremely helpful in breaking the existing parameter degeneracies. We show that the strong degeneracy between Ωm and H0 in all the three dark energy models is well broken by the SL test. Compared to the current combined data of type Ia supernovae, baryon acoustic oscillation, cosmic microwave background, and Hubble constant, the 30-yr observation of SL test could improve the constraints on Ωm and H0 by more than 60\% for all the three models. But the SL test can only moderately improve the constraint on the equation of state of dark energy. We show that a 30-yr observation of SL test could help improve the constraint on constant w by about 25\%, and improve the constraints on w0 and wa by about 20\% and 15\%, respectively. We also quantify the constraining power of the SL test in the future high-precision joint geometric constraints on dark energy. The mock future supernova and baryon acoustic oscillation data are simulated based on the space-based project JDEM. We find that the 30-yr observation of SL test would help improve the measurement precision of Ωm, H0, and wa by more than 70\%, 20\%, and 60\%, respectively, for the w0waCDM model."

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