Sunday, March 29, 2015

[1503.07840] Influence from Future, Arguments

[1503.07840] Influence from Future, Arguments:

 "It is the purpose of the present article to collect arguments for, that there should exist in fact -- although not necessarily yet found -- some law, which imply an adjustment to special features to occur in the future. In our own "complex action model" we suggest a version in which the "goal" according to which the future is being arranged is to diminish the integral over time and space of the numerical square of the Higgs field. We end by suggesting that optimistically calculated the collected evidences by coincidences runs to that the chance for getting so good agreement by accident would be of the order of only 1 in 30000. In addition we review that the cosmological constant being so small can be considered evidence for some influence backward in time. Anthropic principle may be considered a way of simulating influence backward in time."

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