Friday, July 31, 2015

Christopher Henshilwood - TRACSYMBOLS

Christopher Henshilwood - TRACSYMBOLS:

"I believe that ground breaking results in the field of modern human evolution in Africa result from the discovery and excavation of new sites. Combined with the precision excavation techniques that I have developed, and the application of theoretical approaches and analytical methods developed in tandem with a multi-disciplinary team, we have over 20 years, changed or refined the interpretation of the earliest instances of complex human behaviour and imposed new standards on the analysis of prehistoric material culture. I have published wide ranging papers on the origins of language and symbolism; the effects of climatic variation on human demographics, and on the theory of human behavioural evolution. My journal publications (e.g. 10 in J. Hum. Evol)  have been cited 1822 times (Scopus: H-Index 18) and my 4 Science publications 458 times (Impact factor 33.6). Over the past 8 years I have led our research in the field and authored more than 30 peer reviewed papers (>500 citations), including 2 in Science, and published two books. A key strength of these publications is the input of more than thirty cross-disciplinary researchers, a factor I believe essential in addressing the complexities that are integral to original research articles on early human behavioural evolution."

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