Tuesday, July 28, 2015


At least since Archimedes helped in the defense of Syracuse, scientists have been in a moral dilemma with weapons. Physicians didn't seem to have this problem, they had the Hippocratic Oath, but other scientists were useful for killing the 'enemy' human.

Nowadays, over a thousand scientists are calling our attention to a big problem. There is a manifesto in this link.

I admire Albert Einstein, and less so, Richard Feynman.

Both were smart, and deep thinkers, who saw the danger of letting the military get away with using knowledge, which the soldiers, were not prepared to have.

Feynman helped, and then after the war, distanced himself from the Defense Department of the US. Einstein prodded Franklin Delano Roosevelt to build a weapon used in 1945, seventy years ago this coming August 6, on Hiroshima, but then distanced himself as well.

I believe both would've had more official accolades. In the case of Einstein, I even wonder if Black Hole Physics, was  collateral damage to the war on conscientious objectors.

Today another star of Black Hole Physics, Stephen Hawking,  published a petition to stop the development of weapons, which use Artificial Intelligence. My friend Guillermo Benito Morales-Luna, signed the open letter as well.

Given the number of scientists signing, I conclude that there are ominous clouds which we all see approaching.

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