Saturday, July 04, 2015

Greek Referendum: July 5, 2015

Tomorrow Greeks will choose!

The history of mankind is filled with important events: The Storm of the Bastille, The Declaration of Independence of the US, and on, and on. Greece tomorrow is facing a similar important historic day. We all will witness the July 5, 2015 referendum.

The whole world is watching!

On a more personal note. On February 28, 1911, my grandmother’s brothers went to war. Eventually one became the mayor of Iguala. I am proud of my courageous ancestors who risked their lives to give us the country where I lived in peace, and  pursued a career in science.

The future is always uncertain, only the past is known.

Humanity itself has had a bumpy ride, Homo sapiens has been creating symbolic records, since at least  a hundred thousand years ago.

Western Philosophy started in Greece.

Greeks are wise. I am  eagerly expecting their vote.

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