Saturday, August 01, 2015



I am listening to Antonio Sanchez.

I know Antonio's uncle. Some members of their family are exemplary artists.

I do not know Mr. Iñárritu.

This film is great. Antonio did not get the Oscar for best original music, because the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences,  took that decision. I have a friend, who in my opinion, deserves a Nobel prize in Physics. I do not belong to the Oscar, or Nobel prize commissions, so all I can do is write this note.

One reason I know Antonio's family, is because I grew up in Mexico City.

Emotions, and thoughts are created every second, and that is what we call consciousness. About emotions you can read: The Conceptual act model of emotion. About thoughts you can read: Neural correlates of consciousness.

According to these models, supported by empirical evidence,  we literally build a world every second, and we call that 'consciousness.'

There is no little people inside our head making all those moves, like in Inside out, or Everything you always wanted to know about sex, but were afraid to ask.

The only reason we don't fall on our noses, is because we are not drunk. The systems have been tuned, since the beginning of life. Now we are in the stage of consciousness building. This happens in the newest part of our brains, the frontal lobe, which appeared just a few moments ago, if we use the Big Bang calendar.

That's why we sometimes don't know,  what the hell we are doing.

Our mind is just a house of cards.

Be careful, it is hard to walk around with so many thoughts, and emotions most of the time.

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