Thursday, August 27, 2015

Python in Grammar School

Python is an Object Oriented software product. One can use it as a script language, or as a programming language. Children can use it, once they grasp the concept of a variable in Algebra. Also can be considered as a prerequisite to study calculus. 

The definition of limit , requires a notion of algorithm. One changes one variable, as another one changes. One can get as close as one wants to the limit, but never reach it.

On the other hand, young people have awareness of motion, this is related with the philosophical concept of conatus; but most of all, for my purposes here, it has to do with motor development. 

It is possible to observe how we relate motor coordination with notion development. After all, it is the brain, and the whole nervous system, which are in control of our motor skills.

Providing the child with a Chromebook, or a pen-tablet combination, one can start, programming-preparation earlier. One has to draw letters, before we can write. The case of programming may be similar, one has to practice motion routines, like with Turtle Geometry, before recurrent functions are mentioned, with computer language routines, and loops.

We may find out, as Plato stated long ago; that a slave does not learn Geometry, but remembers it. Meno's slave.

Let's make children remember programming with Python, using the Motion to Notion insight.


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