Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Tablet & Pen Combo


My son bought one Wacom tablet several years ago.  I keep on eye on him, I might just learn something. I'm not disappointed.

He is a digital artist, on his way to fame. Keep your eyes open as I do.

Since Nicholas Negroponte launched his OLPC project several years ago, I've been telling friends, and relatives to pay attention. This is huge. He actually knew the future, since the MIT Media Lab, where he works, is a futuristic academic institution. His reasons were humanitarian, like most  important inventions are. Alexander Graham Bell, was not interested in chatty boys on the phone, but on handicapped individuals. Negroponte saw his digital children evolving away from the human race, and all the children left behind, for  lack of a digital device, would suffer more inequality as a consequence. He saw that the $100 laptop was feasible, and launched his OLPC initiative.

I went to Mexico in 2008 to implement his vision there; I joined the CimateUAG, to research this OLPC. It became clearer and clearer, that the PC era was about to end, taking in its wake the likes of Microsoft, and other companies occupying that part of the digital ecosystem.

AsusTeK took the lead, with inexpensive mini computers. The MS-Intel monopoly didn't see it coming, and boom, they went down. Now we live in the tablet era.

I predict, that we are going towards thinner, and thinner clients, with ever more robust servers. This is just another way of saying, that the cloud will grow, and us, the customers, will have powerful, but small devices to remotely control it.

I recommend that you take a look at Wacom Co Ltd!

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