Friday, September 26, 2014

Taxation for Education

Proposition 13 was a watershed in modern economic history. I was a physics graduate student at UCSB then. It took thirty four years to reverse that big mistake, this was achieved by the best American politician I know of: Jerry Brown, who passed Proposition 30.

Now Michelle Bachelet has done a similar feat in Chile.

There is a new book I haven't read, but according the review in the NYT, even insiders are having second thoughts.

Today I found out that my school in Mexico, ESIME, is on strike because the rich there, do not want to pay their fair share. There are new regulations for the school, which brings conservative tax policies to the people of Mexico.

I myself have changed my views about Taxation for Education.

I'm all for it now.

¡Vivan los estudiantes!

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