Tuesday, May 02, 2017


Each one of us grows in a family, and then a society. There are many of those. Nevertheless we are born with a temperament and keep changing as we learn more. The more we look to the past, the more what is in our memory and what actually is in the places we once were, is different.

Right now both my parents are not where they were, and how I remember them, now my children have taken their place in my family memory location. If life goes as is likely, they will look back years from now, and their parents won't be around, but maybe new affections will take our places. With physical objects is even more noticeable, I am writing this in the library, because of some breakdowns in my home hardware. I have like twenty minutes, out of one hour,  used up, in this equipment.

I am conscious of my body, and a few things, and people around me. To perform some of the tasks we usually do, consciousness is not necessary. Computers can do calculations and they do not know arithmetic.

My purpose in life is to maintain my consciousness, and that of my beloved ones moving forward.

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