Tuesday, March 25, 2014

[1312.7797] Quantum Indeterminacy and Nonlocality of Cosmic Expansion

[1312.7797] Quantum Indeterminacy and Nonlocality of Cosmic Expansion:

 "A new spatial scale of quantum indeterminacy is derived that applies to any slowly evolving gravitating system, such as the universe. Classical cosmic expansion at rate $H$ (in Planck units) only dominates standard kinematic quantum uncertainty in a region of size greater than $\approx H^{-3/5}$, or about 60 meters in the current universe. Wave functions of dimensionless linear tensor and scalar perturbations have comparable width $\delta \approx H$ on scale $1/H$. It is argued that cosmic dark energy may be connected to the emergence of locality, with a scale set by the QCD vacuum."

They may be interpreted in this simple picture  as frozen-in remnants of the wave function of early perturbations,  with an amplitude ( ) that depends only  on the mean value of H during inflation.

These relationships of cosmic and nuclear scales restate the coincidence mentioned previously, that a gravitational atom of two neutrons happens to be almost as large as the current Hubble length.

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