Tuesday, March 18, 2014

[1403.4536] Dynamical Chaotic Inflation in the Light of BICEP2

[1403.4536] Dynamical Chaotic Inflation in the Light of BICEP2:

"The measurement of a large tensor-to-scalar ratio by the BICEP2 experiment, r = 0.20 (-0.05)(+0.07), severely restricts the landscape of viable inflationary models and shifts attention once more towards models featuring large inflaton field values. In this context, chaotic inflation based on a fractional power-law potential that is dynamically generated by the dynamics of a strongly coupled supersymmetric gauge theory appears to be particularly attractive. We revisit this class of inflation models and find that, in the light of the BICEP2 measurement, models with a non-minimal gauge group behind the dynamical model seem to be disfavored, while the model with the simplest group, i.e. SU(2), is consistent with all results. We also discuss how the dynamical model can be distinguished from the standard chaotic inflation model based on a quadratic inflaton potential"

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