Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Visual routine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Visual routine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

 "A visual routine is a means of extracting information from a visual scene. In his studies on human visual cognition, Shimon Ullman proposed that the human visual system's task of perceiving shape properties and spatial relations is split into two successive stages: an early "bottom-up" state during which base representations are generated from the visual input, and a later "top-down" stage during which high-level primitives dubbed "visual routines" extract the desired information from the base representations. In humans, the base representations generated during the bottom-up stage correspond to retinotopic maps (more than 15 of which exist in the cortex) for properties like color, edge orientation, speed of motion, and direction of motion. These base representations rely on fixed operations performed uniformly over the entire field of visual input, and do not make use of object-specific knowledge, task-specific knowledge, or other higher-level information."

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