Friday, March 14, 2014

Pardus - Free Browser Game set in Space

Pardus - Free Browser Game set in Space:

 "In 2014 we will continue with an overhaul of Military Outposts (MO) to revive piracy and remove obstacles from freshly joined players. While MOs have indiscriminately blocked the path of any ship so far, in the future the owner of a military outpost will be able to set the efficiency of their MO and thus the chance ships are detected and blocked. Tied to this efficiency is the building's upkeep, the higher the efficiency the higher the upkeep of the MO. Seperate efficiencies will be available to be configured, i.e. it will be cheaper to have a high chance of blocking war ships than of blocking a harmless sabre. The efficiency may also be affected by other factors such as special ship equipment and/or the cluster's crime level - to be determined after careful testing.
With these changes we aim to add new excitement to the game by removing total security from pirates in blocked off clusters. We also wish to discourage restricting the freedom of new players not by making it impossible but by making it uneconomical. We consider this the continuation of the Alliance Territory feature, countering some of the benefits gained by organized groups versus the individual.

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