Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ideas on Hedging (Speculation)

I mean speculation not in the financial, but in the philosophical sense. It seems to me that Men of Action (MOA), sometimes can corrupt the modern financial industry. I explain here:

MOA are not reflexive, think of The Wolf of Wall Street. There is a certain sense in which a man will go hunting for his family. To make a killing and bring a lot of meat. Testosterone induced behavior, can turn a modern man into his ancestor of several generations back. Rules have to guide these men.

My speculation is though, that clear thinking, like in everything else in life can serve you well. Mathematics allows us to clearly consider gains and loses and take reflective action, at the proper time.

The pioneering work of Black-Scholes, identifies one of those clear thinking ideas; but I speculate here that MOA, ruined progress, just like non-thinking men, punished Bruno and Galilei many generations ago.

Hedging is what we do, it is legal and smart, take the bad apples out, but do not stop progress. Maybe the Government of Malaysia is in the hands of MOA, who are interfering with the search for truth, and in this case, the remains of good people that are lying at the bottom of the ocean right now. Maybe it was other MOA; in any case find the truth.

Find the truth of the Malaysian plane.

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