Friday, April 04, 2014

[1404.0070] DD Calculus

[1404.0070] DD Calculus:

 "This paper introduces DD calculus and describes the basic calculus concepts of derivative and integral in a direct and non-traditional way, without limit definition: Derivative is computed from the point-slope equation of a tangent line and integral is defined as the height increment of a curve. This direct approach to calculus has three distinct features: (i) it defines derivative and (definite) integral without using limits, (ii) it defines derivative and antiderivative simultaneously via a derivative-antiderivative (DA) pair, and (iii) it posits the fundamental theorem of calculus as a natural corollary of the definitions of derivative and integral. The first D in DD calculus attributes to Descartes for his method of tangents and the second D to DA-pair. The DD calculus, or simply direct calculus, makes many traditional notations and procedures unnecessary, a plus when introducing calculus to the non-mathematics majors. It has few intermediate procedures, which can help dispel the mystery of calculus as perceived by the general public. The materials in this paper are intended for use in a two-hour introductory lecture on calculus."

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