Friday, April 25, 2014

More Reflections

Lebowitz and Goldstein (below) speculate, that nonequilibrium systems reach equilibrium slowly. Much slowly than Boltzmann's Time. This speculation, besides of being observed, allows them to better describe the theory of Quantum Entanglement for the real world, of quantum computers and such. They can also explain the arrow of time.

Entanglement was proposed by Albert Einstein, as spooky action at a distance, but was proven by John Bell as a mathematical certainty. Now there are multiple experimental demonstrations of its existence. What is missing is the demonstration that Einstein had the right ideas to go beyond the wrong ideas of John von Neumann, and other scientists who were supported by the US to the expense of Einstein. Somebody loses, and somebody wins. David Bohm, Albert Einstein, and the rest of humanity were the losers, the winners were the warmongers.

Tax the Rich!

Long Live Thomas Piketty!

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