Friday, April 25, 2014

Arnulfo Zepeda Domínguez and Mumtaz Zaidi

In the early 70s I entered the Physics Department of the Research and Advanced Studies Center (CINVESTAV) in Mexico City.

Professor Mumtaz Zaidi received a PhD degree, working with Edwin Salpeter in 1960, on Lamb Shift Excitation Energy In the Ground State of The Helium Atom, from Cornell University. Professor Zaidi accepted me as a student at CINVESTAV. Professor Arnulfo Zepeda  Domínguez, who still works at CINVESTAV,  was recommended by Prof. Zaidi for a research stay at Rockefeller University. Zepeda worked with Heinz Pagels at Rockefeller. A few years later Seth Lloyd, from England, worked with Pagels as well.

Nowadays Zepeda works in Theoretical Physics, and Lloyd, now at MIT, does also.

I feel grateful to have known Zaidi and Zepeda personally. Zaidi taught me Statistical Mechanics, and Zepeda, Quantum Field Theory.

Currently I am working on the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, following the discoveries of Seth Lloyd.

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