Monday, April 07, 2014

Antony Valentini


Recently at The New Scientist, this Clemson University Physics Professor, was mentioned.

He proposes that the Universe reached thermal equilibrium very early in its history. What we call infinitesimal scales are composed of corpses. Nothing happens there, those objects have reached the Heat Death, predicted long ago by Lord Kelvin.

According to Thermodynamics useful work occurs only up to a point. When Entropy is maximum, only random processes occur. We lose as much as we gain, with a net gain of zero. If the Universe is finite, as it is, energy bounces from walls, or never reaches them if they move at the speed of light. Initially the Universe was very small, as proven last month by BICEP2 observations in the South Pole. Therefore everything moving at the speed of light reached thermal equilibrium. Those were Infinitesimals. Inside the scales of the Quantum World, the Universe is Dead. That, according to Valentini, could be an explanation for Quantum Behavior, which I could call rigged behavior, just like Michael Lewis, explained in his new book, Flash Boys, an investor puts a slow order, fast operators detect his move and steal his money. In the same way, these dead Infinitesimals, detect our slow motions, and very fast react leaving us befuddled.

Incidentally, Amir Alexander, just published his thesis, that an intellectual war in Europe produced what we now know as Infinitesimal Calculus. The book is: Infinitesimal.

Hobbes fought against French intellectuals, with the idea that Kings must rule, he thought, that he had proved that geometrically. Either a continuous line was made of other lines ad infinitum, or the process stopped.

It is clear to me that this philosophical idea cannot be resolved by introspection only, it needs experimental proof, and if we are to believe Valentini, the process ends in a heat death,

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