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Edwin Lefèvre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Edwin Lefèvre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Lefèvre was born George Edwin Henry Lefèvre on 23 January 1871 in ColónColombia (now Republic of Panama), the son of Henry Lefèvre (1841–1899), who was for many years the general agent of the Pacific Steamship Company American forPanama; he was born in the Jersey in the Channel Islands and emigrated to the United States in his youth. Mr. Lefèvre sent his son Edwin to the United States when he was a boy and he was educated at Lehigh University where he received training as a mining engineer. However, at the age of nineteen, he began his career as a journalist and eventually became astockbroker, as well. Following his father's death, he inherited some wealth and became an independent investor; and while living in Hartsdale, New York a collection of Edwin Lefèvre's short stories were published (1901) under the title "Wall Street Stories." This was followed by several novels about money and finance until 1908 when Lefèvre and his wife Martha and their children moved to a country estate in East DorsetVermont. During the 1909–1913 presidency of William Howard Taft, Lefèvre served as ambassador to a number of countries including ItalySpain, and France.[citation needed] Lefevre did work as a broker on Wall Street and was the financial writer for the New York Sun newspaper. He later returned to his home inVermont where he resumed his literary work, providing short stories for magazines such as The Saturday Evening Post and writing novels.

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