Friday, April 25, 2014

Sandu Popescu : Home page

Sandu Popescu : Home page:

"My main research interest is in fundamental aspects of quantum physics; basically I am interested in getting a better understanding of the nature of quantum behavior. The fact that so often one discovers seemingly paradoxical new quantum effects is a signature that a deep and intuitive understanding is still missing. A major focus of my research has been quantum non-locality. For most of its history, the subject of quantum non-locality was primarily of interest to philosophers of physics. My research aim was to go beyond philosophy and to develop an understanding of the physics of non-locality. This led me to establish some of the central concepts of the new area of quantum information and computation. I have also worked on many other aspects of quantum theory, ranging from the very fundamental, to designing practical experiments (such as the first teleportation experiment) to patentable commercial applications."

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