Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Falcon Engine

An Electronic Information Engine, gets Information , and produces Information. To the extent that input and output are different we have an Information Engine. I know they work, because I have worked with three of them. E791, 5ESS, and Falcon. The first is really the name of one experiment at Fermilab, but it pioneered the use of clusters of PCs connected via TCP/IP, to work as a supercomputer. The second is the trade name of a Lucent product. Here I concentrate on the CME Globex Information Engine.

The Match Engine of Globex does the actual trade. Orders In, Orders Out. The Engine matches sellers and buyers, and produces Market Data. I believe this instance of the Engine starts the Big Data part of the computer cluster evolution. Google also has clusters of computers, and it definitely manages huge amounts of data, but given the regulatory constraints of Electronic Trade, Falcon has evolved in a practical way, that neither E791, nor 5ESS had to. During at least the last 5 years most of CME trade has gone from the old-fashioned trading floor, to GLOBEX. This company can now execute transactions in the nanosecond scale, thus producing Big Data.

There is a new company that can use an Information Engine. FindTheBest.com

I could start my own company with this knowledge base, and offer this, and other BigData businesses a competitive age.

In a nutshell, Falcon puts buyers and sellers on the book, following rules, trades are made very fast.

Market Data is an extra product, which can bring profits to whoever owns the market.

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