Wednesday, April 30, 2014


For new readers, I have to say, that the purpose of this blog is to get high school students, interested in Science. I want to make Science Relevant. I've had the fortune, to talk in front of students, from Grammar, to Graduate School. I believe some of my followers do not go to school anymore, I do not want to sound condescending to any reader. Today is Children's Day in Mexico, and this is what I write:

There are people in this world who will take any opportunity to steal from the rest of us. Some are easy to spot, and we call them criminals. Like the Wolf in the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale, the Hunter comes and gets rid of him: All the Children Clap.

Kids, the world is not that simple, that is just the beginning of your education, Girls (Maria Vanessa Perez), be careful of the Big Bad Wolf (Donald Sterling), and if you fight him, let's hope the Hunter (Jimmy Brown comes to the rescue.

The world is complicated children, but do not give up.

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