Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cracking the Particle Code of the Universe

I just finished reading this book by John W. Moffat.

Highly recommended.

The discovery of a particle with the quantum numbers of the vacuum, is a transition point for Particle Physics.

First though, the coming run of the LHC in 2015 has to tidy the picture a bit, but it seems OK so far.

Nielsen  claims that the measured mass value means that our Universe, is near collapse. This means that a different value would've  made it unstable.

"The PREdicted Higgs mass is essentially the smallest value, that would not make our present vacuum unstable. "

 This is related to ideas of Jean Pestieau, arXiv.

"In the electroweak standard model we observe two remarkable empirical mass relations,   and   where , e is the positron electric charge and v, the strength of the Higgs condensate."


The value just found at CERN, is where it should be, according to this prescient scientists.

Very important indeed!

Now I have to Crack the Code.

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