Thursday, April 03, 2014

The Universe is Rigged

I just read the great book: Flash Boys. After a stint at the CME Group, it was a fascinating read. So far I have seen some crocodile tears from the usual suspects. We are not crooks! Who am I to judge them, I rather change the subject, to something I understand better: Theoretical Physics.

Brad Katsuyama saw his orders disappear from the screen like if there was a conspiracy. Somebody knew what he was thinking, and they were ripping him off!

That is how I feel about Quantum Mechanics.

Two events can be related instantaneously, but if you try to look, there comes the ghost of Werner Heisenberg, and hides the connection. No it didn't happen says he.

I feel cheated, just like Brad!

This is the whole Universe, not some penny robber at the stock exchange. This is cosmic, man!

Maybe there is some more likely explanation than, that is just the way things are.

Hereby I promise: I will follow my new hero, and I will find out who (or what?), is ripping us off.

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